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Blizzard Entertainment revealed the newest Hearthstone expansion, The Boomsday.

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The first Miracle Rogue decks in Hearthstone featured cards Mana Addict and. with a Deathrattle for a free Coin.

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The Best Hearthstone Decks For Each Class By AJ Moser January 10,.The 10 best digital card designs in Hearthstone. making all the cards in your hand one mana cheaper each turn the.

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Omega cards are new spells that offer a special boost if their caster already has 10 mana crystals.

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From Liquipedia Hearthstone Wiki Cards that cost 10 mana to use.This card synergises only with the few Druid cards that give you Mana Crystals which are: Wild Growth, Innervate, Nourish and Mire Keeper, and of course the Coin.

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Hearthstone officially launched yesterday and. extra card and a coin card which gives you one extra mana crystal for. card that costs 10 mana,.In the late game you will have more mana so you can use your hero power.Find every Hearthstone card including both Standard cards and Wild cards from every set in the game, easily sorted by class, type, mana cost, and more.

Newest Hearthstone Expansion The Boomsday Project Revealed

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Meanwhile, Omega cards will have extra powers if you play them when you have 10 mana crystals,.

Omega cards get a big bonus if you play it once you have 10 Mana crystals,.