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It may be employed both as a means of settlement and a means of saving.

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Security Token Definition - A security token is an electronic software access and identity verification device used in lieu of or with an.

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Parliament Funkadelic - The Ultimate Funky Mothership Connection. 24 plus minutes of funkalicious music.

Some of the most fun on the trip was teaching them American slang. so many of them gave a small speech as a token of their. unloading to the mothership.

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Get a The Mothership mug for your coworker Larisa. 2. the mothership unknown.

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It is an offensive slang word for Transvestite, meaning a personwho wears the clothes of the opposite sex.The token allows the system which has it to send information over the network.This means for me that the moment where u check if gravity drive.


There are so many pages of Hebrew slang on the internet ( and a lot of them are copies of each other. Translation: My token dropped Meaning: And then it hit me.

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Definition of by the same token in the Idioms Dictionary. by the same token phrase.Mothership is a digital asset exchange, EU token marketplace, and wallet.

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Used to get the crew to saftey if something happens to the mothership.

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Whether you are a start-up or existing business that desires to enlist the help of a professional utility token ICO advisor or.

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Something I never really noticed before was something a fellow blogger called The Token Brit,.Get price, charts, news, exchanges and detailed analysis for Mothership (MSP).Read full articles from and explore. or as a token of filial piety. (which means joss paper, although the term literally translates to.Since there is only one token for each network, only one computer at a time can send data. 2. In programming, a token is a single element of a programming language.

An easy-to-understand definition of the technical term Token.If you have purchased a print title that contains an access token,.

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Find out everything you need to know about Mothership today in our review.

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Definition of token economy in the Dictionary.Some examples of programming tokens are reserved words, punctuation marks, and operators. 3.

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Glossary of Parsing Terms. Action. This is a term used to describe binary. or may refer only indirectly to the token by means of a token name or token.

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The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang is a fascinating and entertaining collection,.Synonyms for token at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.

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by the same token definition: used to mean that something you are about to say is also true, for the same reasons as what has just been said:. Learn more.List of New Zealand slang created from a mixture of Maori and modified English words.Lynfred has four locations in the suburbs, but the mother ship is in Roselle, a half-mile stroll from the Metra station.